Containers & SPA

The size of the container can be tailored to suit your requirements.

Container buildings are not simple ISO containers.  We specialise in the adaptation of standard containers and bespoke size container production with a focus on making your creation truly unique to you and a one off.

Your container building can be a peaceful sanctuary for relaxation or an engaging place for business.

These buildings are practical and can be used as an office, gym, sauna, barbecue area or indeed for any leisure activity. They can also be created as fully functioning residential accommodation or simply to serve as a storage area that won’t harm the surrounding area. A significant advantage is the portability of the container, making them excellent solutions for commercial purposes such as retail pop up spaces or promotional events.

With just a sketch drawing or an idea in your head, let us know and we will work with you on the design to bring your idea to life.


We can adapt the ISO shipping container for any purpose you wish. The advantage of these containers is mobility and strength. The basis of the container is a waterproof solid structure, highly resistant to environmental factors and designed for ease of handling and transport.  We are able to build and adapt almost any size of ISO container.

The most common sea container dimensions:


Bespoke turnkey containers can be built to non-standard dimensions based on your requirements with the design remaining as a standard solid structure as per the ISO containers

We are experienced in the creation of atypical and complex builds, where static calculations and reinforcements are required.


These containers have the benefit of being able to be installed in less accessible locations.  In the same way as the bespoke containers, we can build these to suit your size requirements for delivery and assembly in hard to reach locations such as mountain resorts or streets with limited access.


Bespoke size or standard ISO containers can be used for this function and can be finished in any colour across the RAL, Pantone or NCS range. 

In addition to this, our in-house graphic design team can add imagery and branding to reflect your corporate identity using both direct print and vinyl applications.


Standard ISO containers or Bespoke size containers can be used to create a luxurious and relaxing  Spa / Treatment area.

We work with a highly experienced and market leading manufacturer of sauna and wellness technology to integrate spa technology into your build.