Marina & Glamping Nová Živohošť

A glamping oasis of relaxation is being created on the banks of the Slapy dam. Our company is also involved in the implementation. For the Marina & Glamping Nová Živohošť camp, we have created a cozy reception, which is cut out of the scene of the seaport. This impression is further strengthened by the two-way access to the reception in the form of a sea pier. The receptionist enjoys a nice view directly on the water, so when you arrive, she will definitely be in a good mood. We were too, it's really beautiful there. The reception also includes a gastronomic dispensing stand, so there is no possible that any of the visitors or guests will suffer from hunger or thirst. At the back of the dispensing part is the sanitary part, including the cleaning room. Everything was ergonomically placed in such a small container. In the final, our installers were also satisfied. The water, which will probably never freeze, refreshed them after work.