A Selection Of Our Previously Completed Projects

Marina & Glamping Nová Živohošť

A glamping oasis of relaxation is being created on the banks of the Slapy dam. Our company is also involved in the implementation. For the Marina & Glamping Nová Živohošť camp, we have created a cozy reception, which is cut out of the scene of the seaport. This impression is further strengthened by the two-way access to the reception in the form of a sea pier. The receptionist enjoys a nice view directly on the water, so when you arrive, she will definitely be in a good mood. We were too, it's really beautiful there. The reception also includes a gastronomic dispensing stand, so there is no possible that any of the visitors or guests will suffer from hunger or thirst. At the back of the dispensing part is the sanitary part, including the cleaning room. Everything was ergonomically placed in such a small container. In the final, our installers were also satisfied. The water, which will probably never freeze, refreshed them after work.


Aroma of freshly cut grass slightly mixed with the scent of stables, gentlemen in colorful costumes, champagne in their left hand, peephole in their right. This is how some of us imagine an ideal Sunday. But the organizers and technicians are not have so entertainment and need a solid background for work to keep the race running smoothly. Now you can see a container project which we created in cooperation with architects from MOMO.

The whole project consists of: a referees' tower, a chill out zone, a TV director, a photo corner, a bathroom and a warehouse, a podium, facilities for a food truck, a stand and a portable stand for the horse pitch.

So when you go next Sunday to look at the horses, you will know that thanks to us it doesn't rain on all these good people around the preparation.

Rest in the heart of the Beskyd mountains

Tennis fans know what is meant by "tennis elbow". After a good match, it is definitely beneficial to indulge a HOT TUBE sauna. The management of the hotel "Na Dolině" was wondering where to situate its tennis guests after their sauna, in comfort and safety from bad weather, with privacy. After lots of discussion a nice project called “the rest room” was created. The guests can take a shower and relax on a lounger and enjoy the views of the Beskydy mountains. You may be wondering if this project has been successful and a personal visit is the best way to see.

Revitalize yourself and relax, which is well-deserved after all that hard work on the court.

Time to relax

Our customer, who is an active athlete and an ardent football player, needed a refuge where he could relax and regenerate his tired body. Therefore, he decided to indulge a sauna container with a rest room, shower and cooling tub. He came to us with his request and we said: "Let's go!" and this relaxation project was born. With design, project management and of course, manufacture of the entire concept, we successfully completed the whole project. An amazing feature of this design was undoubtedly the beautiful dividing glass frameless partition which spans across the entire width of the building separating the sauna and the area to relax.

If you need to build something like this on your garden, be sure to let us know.

A unique yet practical partition wall concept in the Avion Shopping Park

This was a pilot project for our client who specialise in bicycles and e-bikes. Tasked with creating something a little special, we used ISO shipping containers to separate the shopping mall from the warehouse. The containers were designed in such a way to create restaurant space, offices, canteen, meeting room, toilets and changing rooms within them. All of this was achieved without concealing the industrial look and feel of the containers.

Twin at Olympia

This container was installed into a very tight space within the exhibition. Glazed on three sides, it is fully insulated and equipped with air conditioning. When illuminated at night, the space really comes to life.

Spa guest

With a traditional spa-style cladding solution on the outside, the unit functions as a hire location for electric bike storage and servicing, sitting amongst beautiful surroundings. 

Warehouse by the terrace

This discreet container remains inconspicuous to those who are dining within the outside seating area of the restaurant. The building is made from a sea container clad with wooden profiles. The container creates a peaceful sanctuary of forest and nature within a residential area.

Bigger brother on his feet

With a width of over 3m, the proportions of this container represent a perfect space for every occasion despite keeping the overall appearance of a regular ISO container.  In addition, the design incorporates a parking space underneath to make the most of the footprint occupied.  Electrics have been installed to comply with the local Swiss regulations and the container is both heat and sound insulated.

In the heart of Jeseník

This container perfectly met the original brief and sits in perfect harmony with the surrounding area. With Praděd, Keprník or Šerák in the surrounding area, the container serves as a perfect location to start a ride in the countryside.