New era of accommodation

We now offer the opportunity to enjoy a unique camping experience. Glamping? The name was created by combining the English words glamorous and camping. It is a combination of beauty, luxury and camping. In addition, you do not need any permission for this construction and you will have more time to find a unique place where you can blend in with nature.

The whole tent is made in the Czech Republic.

You will be able to adapt our glamping tents to your ideas.

We offer them in two basic variants:


  • construction from KVH profiles
  • outer and inside tarpaulin
  • upper floor
  • terrace


  • construction from KVH profiles
  • outer and inside tarpaulin
  • upper floor
  • terrace
  • electricity
  • floors
  • bathroom module

We also offer extra equipment.

we will arrange your tent to the last detail to ensure maximum comfort.


Choice of two colors - light and dark design. Built-in refrigerator, induction hob, faucet sink, kettle, work and back plate - imitation concrete.


Sofa, upholstered bed (incl. slatted frame and mattress), table + 4 chairs, chest of drawers (800 × 540 mm a 1600 × 540 mm).


Bed (incl. slatted frame and mattress), chest of drawers, bedside tables.


2× armchair, side table.


Black faucets, glass shower door, hooks, towel rails, toilet paper holder.

At your request, we are able to adapt the glamping tent to your ideas.

  • insulated outdoor tarpaulin

  • insulated inside tarpaulin

  • ground screws - the price will be determined by the terrain

  • air conditioning - the possibility of cooling and heating

  • underfloor heating - in the lower floor and the bathroom

  • floor insulation

  • accessories - duvets + sheets, towels, dishes

  • glass entrance, sliding door