Above-standard equipment


choice of two colors - light and dark design,built-in refrigerator, induction hob, sink and faucet, kettle, work and back plate - imitation concrete.

PRICE: 1.833 € without VAT


sofa, upholstered bed (incl. slatted frame and mattress), table + 4 chairs, chest of drawers (80 x 54 cm and 160 x 54 cm).

PRICE: 1.046 € without VAT


bed (incl. Slatted frame and mattress), chest of drawers, bedside tables.

PRICE: 1.400 € without VAT

insulated outdoor tarpaulin - double PVC tarpaulin and in the middle of battens

PRICE: 400 € without VAT

insulated inside tarpaulin - quilted polyester silk with wadding

PRICE: 400 € without VAT

ground screws - the price will be determined by the terrain

PRICE: from 286 € without VAT

air conditioning - the possibility of cooling and heating

PRICE: 1.382 € without VAT

underfloor heating - on the lower floor and bathroom

PRICE: 1.892 € without VAT

floor insulation

PRICE: 442 € without VAT

terrace - 2x armchair, side table

PRICE: 136 € without VAT

accessories - duvets + sheets, towels, dishes

PRICE: 619 € without VAT

glass entrance, sliding door

PRICE: 1.412 € without VAT

bathroom - black faucets, glass door for shower, hooks, towel rails, toilet paper holder

PRICE: 1.009 € without VAT