Look Spa – new wellness product for demanding customers

We have prepared to you a high-end product, which will bring new ways of relaxation and rest. Demanding customers will receive perfect and representative wellness area, which could be placed in the garden. Owners of hotels and other accommodating facilities will appreciate how easy it is to enlarge the service offer for the guests. Look Spa is wellness, which offers stylish solution with all at one place while taking up minimal area. Just this compactness will surely be appreciated by family guesthouses, which often face limited outside space possibilities.

Wondering how to get LOOK SPA to your mountain hut or guest house on a mountain meadow?

We are preparing a pre-assembled version of LOOK SPA for you, so that we will be able to bring you your dream sauna with whirlpool anywhere and at any time. All this without the help of heavy machinery or a crane.


1. All you need in one place

  • suitable for 3 to 4 people
  • sauna heater Harvia Virta
  • ideal temperature 80 to 100°C
  • cladding made of northern spruce
  • luxurious frameless glazing

2. Outside shower

  • wall shower mixer
  • to wash or cool-off

3. Easy to maintain hot tub

  • dimensions 1850 × 1850 × 660 mm
  • 2-3 people
  • 23 massage jets
  • 6 turbo jets
  • 2-speed filtering pump

4. Adjustable lounger

  • dimensions: 1420 × 580 × 990 mm
  • bearing capacity up to 100 kg
  • breathable
  • water-resistant
  • easy to maintain
  • not incl. in quotation

Tailored to your taste, tailored to your needs


Dimensions: 7200 × 3000 × 3000 mm
Finnish sauna
Outside shower
Self-maintenance hot tub
Small relax zone

47.800 euro*


Dimensions: 7200 × 3000 × 3000 mm
Finnish sauna
Outside shower
Large relax zone

39.920 euro*


Dimensions: 5000 × 3000 × 3000 mm
Finnish sauna
Self-maintenance hot tub
Outside shower
Small relax zone

44.000 euro*


Dimensions: 5000 × 3000 × 3000 mm
Finnish sauna
Outside shower
Small relax zone

36.000 euro*

* Price without VAT, transport and assembly.

High quality components only

Look Spa product arose in cooperation with renowned sauna and wellness technology – CARETTA, which has many years of experience in this field and is one of the leaders in its field on the European market. Based on common know-how, a quality product has been created that will delight you for many years without you having to spend a lot of effort and money on maintenance.

Hot tub Caretta Spa, Delirio


  • Hot tub Caretta Spa, DELIRIO
  • Dimensions 1850 × 1850 × 660 mm
  • Shell type: monolithic composite
  • Volume: 600 l
  • Weight without water: 200 kg
  • Number of people: 2-3
  • Massage jets: 23
  • Trubo jets: 6
  • Jet surface: stainless steel
  • Filter and massage pump: 1×2 speeds
  • Control unit: Balboa Digital 4
  • Display: Balboa TP 600 BP6013 G1
  • Ozonator: O3Gen
  • Filtering: pressure, cartridge
  • Filtering programmes: adjustable
  • Heating: 3kW
  • Thermoinsulation: closed, with several layers with heat reflection
  • Maximal power consumption: 5700W
  • Power supply: 230V/400V 50Hz
  • Lights: RGB LED, chromotherapeutic
  • Bottom drain: yes
  • Outside cladding: optional

Sauna with Harvia Virta heater

Used materials

The flat materials used in the LOOK SPA product are made of ThermoWood material, which is visually stable thanks to the heat treatments and, in particular, does not degrade in any way even after years of use, thus eliminating the need for maintenance and other surface treatments.

Other accessories

We will be happy to consult the ergonomics and your needs for your new wellness spa and adjust them according to your requirements. A great advantage for the customer can be our offer of tailor-made accessories, where we can meet even the most demanding needs. As we are the exclusive manufacturer of the LOOK SPA product and have production capacities, we can offer you acceptable delivery times.