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Do you need office space, shop, cafe, restaurant, fitness center or mobile option for any of your promotions? We are able to design a unique design to attract your customers.

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The advantage of a container is that often all that is needed is firm ground underneath.  The container is self-supporting and just needs a flat surface.  It is also possible to use adjustable feet when positioning on uneven ground.  Of course, placing the container on a concrete base is also an option but this is not a requirement as this type of building can be placed practically anywhere, for both temporary and permanent residential applications.

We focus our efforts on being able to implement solutions quickly and efficiently.  We are able to provide a fully turnkey solution from site survey to design and build.

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All containers we supply are unique in every sense.  We can design and manufacture external cladding according to your preferred look and feel.  A vast array of materials can be used such as wood, metal, artificial stone as well as conventional facia paneling.  We can also add internal cladding if desired with options to implement materials that add to the thermal or noise insulation qualities of the container.  Thermal insulation is achieved using PIR, PUS, PS, basalt, or PUR sprayed foam.  Wall finishes can then be selected based on the preferred insulation product used.

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