Homeowners must’ve realized by now that building a traditional house from a scratch is not only price but also time-lengthy. A container house, then, becomes an easy alternative to give you an unmatchable construction for a place to stay. Container homes are made from the shipping steel containers you see everywhere to transport goods.

6 reasons why you should consider having a container house:

1. Affordable

A container house costs cheaper than the traditional-build house, undeniably. Just for the general idea - one 40-ft. shipping container costs around 4.100 EUR and provides a living area of 30m² floor space that is suitable for a single family. Buy three, put them together, and you’ll get 90m² of living space for less than 12.300 EUR. If you’re looking for a smaller option, the choice is down to 20-ft shipping container that costs around 2.860 EUR.

The prices shown are only the purchase prices of shipping containers without customization.

2. Durability

Made of steel, a container house is highly strong and durable and expected to withstand extreme weather both on and offshore. When you think about it, the containers are manufactured to be tough and expected to withstand strong wind up to 100 mph and bear up to 50-ft. of waves. Even with some parts of the steel are removed for windows and doors, the building structure is still capable of maintaining its original structural strength.

3. Eco-Friendly

Having a container house is another great step to help the environment. Every year, more than 500,000 units of shipping containers are abandoned, which makes an awful amount of construction waste. With the recycled building material, you can reduce the carbon footprint, and by that, not using other construction material that can harm nature.

4. Easy Maintenance

The main reason why a container house is popular these days is that of its easy care. Since the construction is made of steel, you can care less about pests and bugs and rats to ruin your house.

5. Speed to Build

Having a container house allows speedy construction that other house types cannot offer. That is because most of the building construction is prefabricated, which makes it even easier and faster to assemble.

6. Highly Portable

Your shipping container building may have had travelled all around the world, and so can you. The importance of having this type of house is easy transportation so you can move along with your house from cities, countries, even continent.